Latino Cultural Diversity Program

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The primary goal for the cultural diversity program is to reduce isolation for Latino senior adults. The program identifies the barriers that prevent Latino seniors from accessing community services and assists in removing these obstacles. Programs center around socialization and building a sense of community. Latino seniors increase their knowledge of community resources and become comfortable attending community events. All Latino senior adults (60 years and above) who reside in Dane county are welcome to attend.

What services are offered through the Latino Cultural Diversity Program?

  • Monthly Support Group (conducted in Spanish)
  • Monthly Caregiver Support Group (conducted in Spanish)
  • Health and wellness programs (i.e., preventing falls & healthy eating)
  • Social programs to reduce isolation
  • Monthly newsletter (in Spanish)
  • Limited transportation is available to attend programs
  • Referrals to a focal point case manager (throughout Dane County)


For more information, please contact the Cultural Diversity Specialist at (608) 243-5252.

Latino Cultural Diversity Newsletter


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